Monday, May 21, 2012

[DIY] Lace Print Garden Pots

Hey there!
I've been a little M.I.A. lately, haven't I?
It's been a while since I've shown a DIY and I worked on something this weekend I want to share with you!  I try not to rush DIY ideas.  It's better if they just come to me, so sometimes I have to have a little patience.

I love lace, but I don't use it much around my house because it's a little too antique-y looking for my style.  This weekend I used some lace fabric as a stencil on a garden pot and it turned out quite cute!  It seems that aside from the regular terra cotta garden pots, pots can get pricey, so this is a good way to dress up a plain $2 terra cotta one.

Here's what you'll need:
Pot (New or old.  I bought new and spray painted it taupe to start.)
Lace fabric (Pick something out with a pattern you like!  You're going to get spray paint on it, so buy something inexpensive).
Spray Paint (I used white.)
Safety Pins
Painter's Tape

Wrap your pot tight in lace fabric.  Use painter's tape to hold down the bottom and inside.  I used safety pins to hold the seam of the lace together.  If you use tape, you'll end up having a line down the side.

Time for spray paint!  Be sure to do light coats.  If you do it too heavy, the paint will run and ruin the lace effect.  

Once paint has dried and you have an even coat(s), pull off the fabric...

and voila!

Pretty cute, huh?
You can take this idea even further and use the lace print on furniture or even walls!
Have you noticed that spray paint is one of my favorite mediums?

Happy gardening:)


PS: Sunday Style will be back in full force next Sunday.


  1. i just had the same idea to do this and was wondering if it was possible. This looks awesome! I love it!

  2. I like this idea very much. I see it would work well on furniture, too.